Oregon Ducks Bracelets

Oregon Ducks Brown Football Leather Bracelet

Pair this bracelet made from genuine football leather with your everyday attire or match it up with your game day jersey to show your Oregon pride in a stylish way!




$ 9.95

Dayna U Oregon Ducks Women’s Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

Sophistication is a term you know all too well ?€“ no matter what day of the week it is you can be found dressed up in classy style. Add some Ducks spirit to your elegant ensemble by donning this Sterling Silver charm bracelet from Dayna U. This delicate piece features an Oregon wordmark charm which only adds more class to your wardrobe! Just make sure you tuck it safely into your jewelry box ?€“ you never know what other Ducks fans will want to borrow your cute new jewelry!




$ 35.95

Oregon Ducks Logo Stretch Beaded Bracelet

You like diamonds just as much as the next girl but when you see UO colors your heart skips a beat. Try to contain your excitement when you place this Ducks logo stretch beaded bracelet on your wrist! It features a silvertone school wordmark charm and multiple team-colored beads. Once you place this Ducks bracelet on your wrist you won?€™t want to let it go ?€” just like you’ll never let your pride for Oregon go!




$ 11.95

Oregon Ducks Ladies Beaded 7.5” Silvertone Bracelet

What kind of Oregon fan are you? Tough but sweet–that’s how you’d describe your Ducks fanaticism. Show off that unique brand of team pride with this Beaded bracelet. It features team-colored beads an Oregon logo inside a rhinestone-accented silvertone circle charm and a toggle closure. This bracelet is the perfect pronouncement to anyone who’s wondering — you can dish it out in the stands but you look pretty cute while doing it!




$ 12.95

Oregon Ducks Women’s 7.5” Flip Flop Bracelet

If you could wear flip flops year-round you totally would! Instead of freezing your toes off in the middle of winter add this adorable Oregon Flip Flop bracelet to your jewelry case. This charming bracelet features a silvertone flip flop with rhinestone accents on the straps and an Oregon wordmark on the insole. The rest of the bracelet has colored crystals and a toggle closure to ensure it stays securely on your wrist so you can show everyone just how big of a Ducks fan you are!




$ 12.95

Oregon Ducks Ladies Green Basketball Bracelet

Ladies pair this basketball bracelet with your everyday attire or match it up with your game day jersey to show your Oregon pride in a stylish way!




$ 9.95

Dayna U Oregon Ducks Ladies Wooden Bangle Bracelet

Ladies one of the greatest things about being a female is having the uncanny ability to spice up any outfit with the proper accessories ?€” even on game day! Don?€™t settle for boring pieces of jewelry though; zest up your Oregon attire with this bulky wooden bangle bracelet from Dayna U. It?€™s adorned with repeated school wordmarks and team names that trace along the outside for the perfect team-spirited look with a touch of class. If you?€™re searching for more unique pieces to add to your wardrobe check out Dayna U?€™s round wooden earrings and matching necklace for a flawless Ducks-enthused bohemian style!




$ 19.95

Oregon Ducks Women’s Love 7.5” Silvertone Bracelet

You always wear your heart on your sleeve when it comes to your feelings about the Oregon Ducks. It?€™s only appropriate that you decorate your wrist with your adoration for Oregon as well. This silvertone Love bracelet features a team-spirited charm with the letters ?€œL-O-V-E?€ adorned with rhinestone accents and your favorite school’s logo. It also has a sweet heart-shaped lobster claw closure. Trying to articulate your devotion to Oregon is never sufficient; proudly display your affection with this cute memorable bracelet!




$ 12.95

Oregon Ducks Ladies Silver Round Crystal Bracelet

Ladies complement your game day outfit with some Ducks flair when you sport this Round Crystal bracelet featuring an acrylic team logo inlay surrounded by sparkling rhinestone accents!




$ 11.95