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Oregon Ducks Clutch V-Neck Heathered T-Shirt – Black

You consider yourself to be a pretty successful guy ?€” you?€™ve always been on top of your studies you?€™re a diligent worker and all of your friends find you to be quite reliable. It?€™s safe to say your priorities are in line and it?€™s all thanks to the University of Oregon ?€” if it weren?€™t for putting the school first you don?€™t know how successful you?€™d be. Flaunt the school and team that are on the top of your list when you wear the Clutch V-neck. This shirt boasts a cotton and polyester material with a large school name and small team name written vertically along the left side on the front. It?€™s not exactly a gaudy in-your-face expression but it?€™s just what you need to keep your look chill and stylin?€™ any day of the week.




$ 24.95

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